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    One Posting per ad and cannot duplicate the same ad

    Offered salary must not be more than RM3999.00 per month

    Open to permanent, contract or temporary position

    Open to any location based in Malaysia


    Rules of Advertising

    Registered Company
    Company classified ads on are for registered companies. reserves the right to decide whether to approve or reject an ad.

    To post a job ad, employers or recruitment agencies are required to sign up for a free account and only pay if required additional services

    A job ad must include the following:

    • Name of the company
    • Fixed line number (employers may choose to hide this info in their contact details)
    • Relevant information about the position offered, such as requirements of the job
    • If an employer or recruitment agency has vacant positions in different locations to offer, the employer or recruitment agency is required to place separate ads for each vacant position and location

    No ads for marketing purpose
    Ads on marketing purposes are not allowed.

    Job Title
    Your ad title should briefly describe what job is being advertised, and should not contain prices, salaries, promotional words, contact details or unnecessary search words.

    Your ad description should describe what jobs is being advertised. It should also not contain unnecessary search words, offensive remarks, or links to other classifieds/ sites.

    Only ads in English and Bahasa Malaysia are allowed.

    1 ad per post
    You should only advertise 1 position in one ad.

    No Similar Ads
    You should not place the same ad more than once. If you wish to advertise the same job again, please delete your previous ad before you insert a new ad of the same job. Posting the same ad using a different name or email is also not allowed.


    Company logos can be used as images to attract potential job seekers
    An image is not suitable if it:

    • Copied from other advertiser, and is being reused without their consent (this is illegal under copyright laws)
    • Is not in JPEG or PNG format
    • Is too small or unclear, or is irrelevant
    • Could be offensive or provocative in nature, for example, images of live models for lingerie products

    Offensive content
    Ads or images that could be perceived as offensive to ethnic groups, individuals, or public figures are not allowed.

    Ads under “Services” must follow applicable laws and regulations of Malaysia for the given profession. reserves the right to:

    • Remove unsuitable images, and edit or delete any unnecessary search words or promotional words
    • Request advertisers to amend their ad to comply with the above mentioned rules
    • Exercise sole discretion in approving any ads according to’s  rules and regulations
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    • This plan includes 1 job
    • Jobs are posted for 15 days
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